It was in 1953 when the first “MASAKO” was open in Shimokitazawa(下北沢). Why Shimokitazawa ??

It was said that at that time Shimokitazawa was not a busy place than Ginza, Shinjuku, but location is convenient both from Shinjuku(新宿) and Shibuya(渋谷)(please see eye catch map). And a little bit later, Shimokitazawa became a “town of theater”. Young people gathered a lot !!, who dropped in Masako as well.

Oh, Masako-san was so lucky, or had a high foresight !!

Quickly it became very famous jazz cafe in Shimokitazawa →in Tokyo →in Japan. However, it was closed once in 2009 due to some governmental issue. Then, in April 2020, a staff who used to work at Masako succeeded it. This is the rough story.

The most important point should be that even though owner was changed, Identity of Masako was succeeded completely, we feel.

What is the major identity, here ??

It is, in my opinion, COMFORTABLENESS.

At the peak era of jazz cafe in 60s and 70s, there were many jazz cafes, NOT TO TALK INSIDE.

However, MASAKO did not care it. Customers were more free to gather here. It could be the major reason.

There is a sofa besides of table. When we take seat at this sofa, we could feel 56+1 year comfort !! Long and long term accumulation !!

Of course there are other important reasons.

-So many vinyl records and heavy sounds from outstanding speakers

-Nice coffee, nice foods and comfortable service

Thank you so much for the new owner. Please keep this valuable atmosphere with plenty of comfort soooooo long !!

the first MASAKO, valuable movie