WHEN I WOKE UP ON THE NEXT DAY, of course I feel relaxed in the colorful Korean Futon. Yesterday, I decided to leave Korea, however, today, suddenly changed my mind a little bid because I saw some dream last night trying very special dish in Korea long time ago.(Long time ago for the real world, but still later for the virtual world….)

I have tried it in Busan city, called “Jagalchi market”. What I wanted to try again is “san nakuchi” (live octopus).

I have tried it in Busan in the very famous fish market. Probably it is one of the largest impact for me in Korea. Leaving Korea without re-visit there is non-sense, I thought.

I visited reception and told old lady that I would check out tomorrow. Probably she understood it.

I did not stay there to watch Olympic game on TV.

I thought I would take a train from Seoul to Busan like previously visit there. The train is called”Saemaeul”, which is the limited express at that time.It takes around 4 hours 30 minutes. Probably I could take lunch at Jagalchi. Rush to Seoul station !!

The trip in the Saemaeul was very comfortable.

Probably more than half I was again in a dream. It was unfortunate I can not realize what kind of dream I saw. It was Jang san? I am not sure.

Jagalchi market is exactly as what I remember.

I really like this kind of atmosphere of Asian taste. Yes, sometimes I visited “AMEYOKO street” in Ueno, Tokyo. Oh what a typical Asian people I am!

For a long time I walked around inside Jagalchi market. I thought I could stay here whole in a day.

After I feel a little bit tired to walk, I go to upper stair. There are a lot of restaurants. I would bring some of fish from the market, then ask that restaurant to cook.

Sannakchi, no need to cook. Just cut and eat it with sesame oil. Live octopus stick my tongue !!

I had enjoyed a lot with Sannakchi and several kind of fish like cuttle fish. After that restaurant provided fish soup in a pot. That was a special lunch.

Only a pity that I was not with Jang san.

But definitely the next time I could be with Jang san here in a real world.

I go back to Busan station to take a Saemaeul Train to Seoul.

The next day I would go to Hong Kong.

I contact to Ben san in a real mobile phone, Face Book messenger.

Question is if I could go to Hong Kong in a same time or some year ago or some years later. Probably it depends on what I would think at WARP.