THE PLACES WHICH ARE HIGHLY CHARACTERISTIC are going to be decreased, in general in the world, even though many times it is a pity for us..

For Hong Kong, old Kai Tak Airport was one of the typical one.

Then, what is the others ?

Kowloon Walled City should be the one. The real world myself know that it was removed and destructed in 1993, but at that time in 1987, I had no idea and of course no such a chance on business trip. I thought I would like to visit there.

It is the place so called “Den of Vice”, the lawless district which could not be controlled by government at all. But that is the place where the real citizens were living. It is just a difference of BRIGHT and DARK, I think.

City of Darkness: Kowloon Walled City in Color

On the way to Kowloon Walled City by the Metro, suddenly there was a serious fear attack to me because there was a rumor that so many people were kidnapped and could not be found out. A lot of bad rumor of crime and drug. I had no idea what has happened to my real body if there was serious physical damage on a virtual body…

However, I have arrived. No way to return without seeing anything.

Fearfully and nervously I am going inside Kowloon Walled City.

There are a lot of people working. I can not watch their faces closely. Just looked like they are tired.

In a real world I have stayed in Shenzhen City, China in several years around 2013. I remember there was a similar scene. The difference is that there was no such a rumor of crime and drug. Therefore, I could walk there in a real world.

Of course I could not stay there even in a single day, even though my life for a university student was an extremely poor… it was in 1980’s

Probably such a place in Shenzhen would be removed and destroyed later.

What would be happened to life for people staying there ??

I could not stay there long. Then going back to hotel where I have checked in already. Actually it is the guest house, and incredibly so many guest houses are gathered in a building.

It is called “Chungking mansions.”

This is the place as well which is highly characteristic in Hong Kong.

But fortunately still alives !!