AFTER ENJOYING PADANG CUISINE, Aulia took me to the nice local coffee shop.

I am so happy to see Aulia likes coffee so much.

“Aulia, can I say that this is one of my target to visit a coffee firm in Indonesia”.

“Nice idea, why not?”

“Would you have any suggestion ?”

Aulia became silent and looked thinking something.

“DONDONG, in fact I will go to my hometown tomorrow. Do you know Aceh?”

“Yes, it is in northern part of Sumatra.”

“You know it. I was born in there and moved to Bandung. My parents are still living in Aceh”.

“I see.”

“Aceh is very famous by its Mandheling coffee. One of my friend is operating coffee firm there.

May I ask him if we could visit him together ?  Or any plan of you tomorrow ?”.

“No, no. Just I do not know how to express my appreciation”.

“No need. Let me check a seat.”

Aulia is checking web site through her mobile phone.

“Yes. Possible. Would you book your flight by yourself ?”

Aulia passed me her mobile phone. It was easy to book my seat for 11:55 flight from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Banda Aceh airport by Garuda Indonesia.

“DONDON, see you tomorrow at Garuda check in counter at 10:30. I hope you could have nice experience there.”

Aulia would not let me pay here.

Indonesia is a No.4 country in the world to ship coffee. 90% are Robsta, then only 10% are Arabica. Mandheling is quite famous for Arabica species.

Generally it is said, “less acid” and “strong bitter”. Also it is expressed as “earthy”. YES. It is typical. Probably it was Mandheling which was served at the coffee shop.

I am so excited I could visit coffee firm tomorrow. Thank you, Aulia!  

Get to Know the Famous Sumatra Mandheling Coffee!