I know that there are so many Myanmar restaurants in Takadanobaba, because I live close to there. However, in fact I was surprised to see the mecca just in front of the Takadanobaba station !! It is TAC11 building. (Entrance is at the back side from the main street…)

The TAC11 building… Oh it is fantastic !!

I do not know exactly how many shops, but on the many floors (total 11 stories), there are many Myanmar ingredient shops.

(I bought one Lepet-so set. (tea for eating after fermentation) It is said, quite popular.)

(it is possible for a quick lunch only rice with this Lepet-so set (with several nuts and dried shrimp)

Then, there is restaurant, NONG INLAY on the first floor.

TEL : 03-5273-5774

I tried today, ”MOHINGA”. (rice noodle with fish soup)

It is said this is the national dish for Myanmar people.

Of course there are so many recipe. Here at NONG INLAY, I did not know what kind of fish they serve. They say it is popular with catfish !! Really ??

I really trust in some years, this LITTLE YANGON in Takadanobaba becomes famous sightseeing place like Chiatown in New York, San Fransisco, Yokohama and so on !!