We have enjoyed enough staying in London (long time ago..)

However, most pity ones that we had not so chances to enjoy cultural events like concerts, jazz club… (only some musicals were experienced in London)

For example, BBC PROMENADE CONCERT at Royal Albert Hall. It is experience staying in London !!

In addition, in 2017, Hiromi Uehara performed “I Got Rhythm”/ George Gershwin !! Wao!!

Very pity to have missed it (already left London long time ago….).

BBC Proms 2017 Hiromi

I am not so familiar in classical events. However, Hiromi’s performance were very shocking to London people ??!! Looked like Hiromi as it is!!

Then, in 2019, BBC PROMS came to Japan !! Also jazz musician, Miho Hazama had a chance to perform there. It became worldwide and more in variety as well !!

However, frankly speaking, still I would like to enjoy it at Royal Albert Hall !!!!!


I used to stay in London many years ago on business.

It was my first long stay abroad, therefore so many memories I got.


It was Japanese crazy company long time ago. Every weekday almost no time I got to be relaxed even at home. Friday came, just be happy to wait for weekend coming. However,sometimes could not wait for weekend, then at midnight on Friday, I took a drive to downtown together with my wife. Direction was usually BIG BEN. Always we got warm welcome, long staying there doing nothing. Then weekend was happy !! Thank you, BIG BEN.


It was one of the saddest news in the world in the long history……

6th September 1997…..

We were sorry we were just a rubbernecking on the day, rushing to main street, FINCHLEY ROAD, when we got a news that DIANA funeral line would come.

It was the saddest……


At the beginning of my stay there, I was single man in a few months. Kind landlord cared me a lot. Really every Saturday morning he gave me a call to visit his home to have morning coffee together. In fact I wanted to sleep more. However, such coffee was more valuable, of course. Very kind English !!!

It should be more than unacceptable that we had no chance to visit London once again since then !!!!