“Hurry up, we can not miss its starts !!”

It was 42 years ago. , in Aichi-prefecture, JAPAN. My friend and me were rushing to concert hall after high school, where there was a WEATHER REPORT performance. It was, for me, definitely the greatest performance throughout my life, always I say. In another word, “It was WEATHER REPORT CONCERT, in reply to question like “What is the chance you love jazz music ??”.

All the band members, Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Peter Earskin and JACO PASTORIUS were great. All the time in concert were top getting exited. Probably I did not remember how I got home after concert. Probably I did not remember what we have talked each other with my friend on the way back.

However, very honestly speaking, I like more in band and music, not stage performance and so on of individual. And the same for JACO and WORD OF MOUTH BIG BAND.

I know how great JACO PASTORIUS was in terms of electric bass innovation. When I was younger, I was shouting together with friends, like, JACO,JACO and JACO!!!

However, in these 10 years or so, I can not stop thinking how human beings could stop COLLAPSING by himself, even though artists, even though getting unbelievable pressures ??? How human beings could control each individual to be more than his music??? How came the supreme talents were broke down by drugs and alcohol ???

I am not so sure how currently WEATHER REPORT and WORD OF MOUTH BIG BAND are alive at JAZZ CAFE. I am afraid not so many… but it is OK. At some cafe, can be accepted. And rather younger people should absorb one of the highest energy in performing the music.

Just I can keep thinking of the value of life for human beings including top artists together with one of my most favorite “BIRDLAND” at JAZZ CAFE.