Stevie Wonder is one of the top POP musician whose tunes are covered by many of Jazz musicians.

In Japan as well.

AA: What do you think of the following ??

ISN’T SHE LOVELY By George Kawaguchi Super Band.

Release was in 1979.

ジョージ川口スーパーバンド1 04 – Isn't She Lovely

George Kawaguchi is traditional modern jazz drummer. Then, it was a little bit surprise that George made a fusion album. I like it.

BB: Trumpet player, TOKU, made a whole Stevie Wonder covered album in 2011.

Then, which jazz tune Stevie covered ??

CC: Chick Corea, SPAIN

Stevie Wonder & Chick Corea Spain Live in LA 8/17/14

DD: Also, Steve Gadd joined in Stevie band !!

Stevie Wonder – Steve Gadd – Groovin' as Hell

Steve Gadd’s distinctive drumming made this performance very tight. It looks a bit different Stevie Wonder !!