R.I.P. Murakami PONTA Shuichi (Jan.1.1951- Mar.9.2021)

It is said that he has participated in around 14,000 tunes, in jazz, fusion, rock, folk, and pop music. Sooooo many musicians wish to play with him. ( It reminds Steve Gadd.)

His wide collaboration is so appealed in his leader album, “WELCOME TO MY LIFE ( 1998)” with participants of 97 musicians !!.

Firstly let’s listen to 1. tune, “JACO PASTRIOUS MEDOLEY”

JACO PASTORIUS MEDLEY – Shuichi Murakami 村上"ポンタ"秀 [1998 Japan Pop]

As far as jazz and fusion area, I think the most IMPACT is collaboration with Yosuke Yamashita and Kazumi Watanabe.

I clearly remember his explosive performance especially in 80’s. The impact was one bass drum above on his head !!, even for visual impact.

His character is well explained on “WELCOME TO MY LIFE” album notes by Yosuke Yamashita.

“The first encounter with Ponta was at Shinjuku Pit Inn when I asked him to participate in as a guest. … I thought long time I should FIGHT with that of reputed, tremendous drummer. Ponta got in to us with a kind of murderous intent !!!! On the stage as well, between tune and tune, he looked around customers each with pierce sight, on the other hand sometimes, sudden shy smiling. Such whole behavior and character immediately grasped PIT INN customer’s heart, together with consistent,outpouring drumming…….”

Let’s listen to his ELASTIC and outpouring drumming.

(Point is not Akira Sakata voice, but on drum !!)