Thank you very much for your votes and comments to my inquiry on the previous post, “Who of drummer match with Jaco ??”

Peter Erskine is No.1, which is well in commonly expected. Question is the second.

My forecast was; ①Alex Acuna ②Steve Gadd ③Tony Williams

As of Mar.19, as far as I got vote of 106;

①Tony Williams (8) !!, ② Alex Acuna (6), ③ Billy Conham (5), ④Steve Gadd (4)

for ref, Peter Erskine (17)

Also there was an unique vote, Jaco’s father, and Jaco himself as a drummer !!! Hahaha.

From rock field, Keith Moon (3), John Bonham (2) and Ginger Baker (1) were voted.

Somebody intended to plan TRIO OF DOOM with Ginger Baker instead of Tony Williams ???

From mainstream jazz field, Elvin Jones (3) was voted.

“John Coltrane, Jaco Pastrious, Elvin Jones and McCoy Tyner….. “, which was his imaginable lineup !!

Of course my own imaginable partner, OMAR HAKIM and PONTA are voted as well. Thank you very much for agree !!

Weather Report "Punk Jazz" Mr. Gone (1978)

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Peter Erskine is the great drummer. Definitely he is so called sworn friend of Jaco ( like Steve Gadd and Richard Tee), with long relationship and high reliance.

Then, how about the next ??

Who is the next drummer Jaco would like to play with ??
Or who is the next drummer Jaco’s fans would like to be played with ??

For reference, following are drummers playing with Jaco.

JACO PASTORIUS (1976): Narada Michael Walden, Lenny White, Bobby Economou

BLACK MARKET(1976): Narada Michael Walden, Chester Thompson

HEAVY WEATHER(1977): Alex Acuna

MR.GONE (1978): Peter Erskine, Tony Williams, Steve Gadd

TRIO OF DOOM(1979): Tony Williams

8:30-WEATHER REPORT ’81: Peter Erskine

WORD OF MOUTH(1981): Peter Erskine, Jack De Johnette

BIRTHDAY CONCERT (1981): Peter Erskine

HOLIDAY FOR PANS(1982): Bobby Economou, Kenwood Dennard

TWINS Ⅰ,Ⅱ(1982): Peter Erskine

INVITATION(1983): Peter Erskine

Probably not Tony Williams, who got angry seriously with Jaco’s eccentric behavior during TRIO OF DOOM recording….

And, also it is possible to enjoy by oneself to imagine what had happened to play with Omar Hakim ??, or with MURAKAMI PONTA SHUICHI ???? Only inside oneself.

Jaco Pastorius-live in montreal jazz fest 1982