Arrived at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh, at around 14:30, then it took more than 1 hour for the immigration. HE thought it was better to see 媽祖 tomorrow, because it was the first visit for him to Ho Chi Minh. HE knew it was not so easy to get there, a little bit far from the downtown, as far as not using a taxi. HE went to the bus stop to go to the downtown where he booked his hostel. Bus fare to the downtown was extremely cheap. At 5,000VND (USD0.2 around!). In addition, HE saw a bus conductor! What a surprise ! In Japan, HE was not so sure, but maybe 40 years ago, it had been disappeared. She was so careful for foreigners. Vietnam!!

At the hostel, HE got a family dinner for the guests. Wonderful!! HE felt it as a rural hospitality, but it was in a middle of downtown.

After dinner, HE had a night walks. Almost automatically HE had a move to the direction of entertainment district called ” Bui Vien”.

Wao! “This is a replaced Shinjuku-Kabukicho!”.

When HE was 20′ or early 30′, Kabukicho was one of the hottest entertainment area in the world. For him, extremely seductive. But nowadays it was changed.

Bui Vien was an area with a lot of high volume music, screaming calls from bars in whole the street.

HE wanted to have a glass of beer, but HE stopped alcohol basically for a long time, and HE thought it was not so interesting to have a beer alone. Therefore HE went back to the hostel only feeling “atmosphere”.

The next day, straightly HE went to the temple. It was located in the area called “Cho Lon” which is China town in Ho Chi Minh. HE learned that there were roughly 8% of Vietnamese people are Chinese. It was interesting that there were “Dumpling Street” in Cho Lon area, but not so concentrated area for other Chinese dishes.

Dumplings Street in Ho Chi Minh!!

HE walked around in Cho Lon area so long and had an early lunch at one of the Dumpling restaurant, then started excursion to the Chinese Temples.

4 Chinese Temples in Ho Chi Minh

HE learned that already several Chinese people in each region like Guan Dong, Hai Nam, Fujian and Teochew established each temple, which was concentrated in this Cho Lon area.

HE started to visit to visit in order;

1: Ba Thien Hau Temple for Guan Dong

2: On Long Hoi Guan for Fujian

3: Chua Ba Hai Nam for Hai Nam

4: Nghia An Hoi Quan for Teochew

Of course anywhere HE was so serious respecting 媽祖 and other Chinese gods, which was consistent throughout his trip.

And HE decided it was the closing of this trip in Ho Chi Minh. Ah, really a long trip.

HE felt it was a goal of 42.195km marathon.

HE was confident that it was 媽祖 who protected him all through this trip. HE prayed more seriously and emotionally. And one by one, HE thought himself fundamentally, “Who was 媽祖?”

Honestly speaking HE already realized slightly that it was of so many friends already established firm relationship, just clothing 媽祖. Then it was finalized being confident !

At leaving Nghia An Hoi Quan Gate, HE found so many friends gathered here from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Penang and Singapore. Wao!! One by one HE shake his hands without caring teas awfully dropped.

It was a closing of this trip.

HE went back to the hostel, then again walking around in Ho Chi Minh downtown.

Everything looked celebrating his new start.

Bui Vien reminded him of his “enthusiastic days”.

Motor bikes rush is representing energy flush.

On the other hand, there was a calm area in the park with a highly relaxing in a group or even alone, not only here but also in so many places in Ho Chi Minh city.

HE thought it was a supreme fusion between “YOUNG ENERGY” and “GENTLE CALM“.

Once again, HE thought it should be his new direction. (nothing of mental stress, hahaha)


Thank you very, very much for reading