As reported several times, I have enjoyed a trip to South East Asian countries last November for 2 weeks, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Penang, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh.

There were several issues I got as a target, and one of the important target was to study about a transition of DUMPLINGS in South East Asia.

Yeah, in fact definitely, it was the first opportunities to eat so many dumplings every day !!

And followings are some of my study results.


Historically speaking, there are so many Chinese people moved to South East Asia. Roughly divided,

1: Before 1980– Mainly Chinese people moved from South Regions as below

2: After 1980– Chinese people moved basically from all regions, but hereby related from North East Regions

As for the dumplings, we can say,


1 are LOCALIZED DUMPLINGS (Japan can be included here!)

Ⅱ: CONCLUSION during the trip for 2;

It was highly interesting for me that 2. dumplings(North East Region) had a similar characters at all MOVED TO restaurants. (of course a little bit localized)

All restaurants remind us of the sceneries of North EAST Region, especially making dumplings in a family at the Spring Festival which is the most important event in a year.

Ⅲ CONCLUSION during the trip for 1-A Guangdong

Then, how about 1. LOCALISED ?

It is necessary to understand the majority of Chinese origin people between Fujian, Teochew and Guangdong, which is

Hong Kong and Ho Chi Ming– Guangdong

Penang and Singapore– Fujian and Teochew

This is clearly shown that character of dumplings look similar between Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh !!

Ⅳ Assumption after came back to Japan for 1-B, Teochew

It was pity that I could not find nice Teochew Dumpling in Penang and Singapore. But after came back, I could learn that there is a TEOCHEW DUMPLINGS.

In Singapore it is called, Teochew Crystal Dumpling

In Malaysia it is called, Chai Kueh or Chai Kuih

like as follows

Major characteristics are;

  1. Several kinds of ingredients including peanuts or nuts !
  2. Crystal material of a wrap

Oh, it should be rich and elegant same as other Teochew dishes !!

Ⅴ Next assignment for 1-C, Fujian

Still need trying to find it.

Ah, it is so interesting to study Chinese dishes in South East Asia related with their origin countries!!