I COULD NOT STAND UP FROM THE CHAIR at Blu Jaz Café, Bali lane.(near Arab street)

It is already after 24:00. Usually I do not stay long at café for drinking alcohol, just because I am not so strong. However, this is the third order of the same drink, Singapore Sling !!

Shocking pink colored cocktail which is not so suitable for me, I thought, but no need to worry finally. I ordered it three times !!

Why I stay here so long ?

Because whole the talks of staff at the bar counter of Blu Jaz Café is so fascinating.

She said she would like to be a professional jazz player, and usually daytime she was practicing or playing session with band member. She plays the piano.

“Who do you like best in Singapore ?”, I asked.

“Jeremy Monteiro !!”, she replied with a full respect.

“Oh, there is one CD at my home, titled “THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA.

Frankly speaking I could not remember when I bought that CD. Probably when I visited Singapore on business long time ago. Someone business friend recommended it, maybe.

She looked so happy to share such an experience of me.

She said she was highly in proud of his message, “One People, One Nation, One Singapore!”

I like Jazz. But it is a pity traveling in many of Asian countries where there are not frequently presenting jazz there. I do not why. Jazz should be an universal music in all over the world.

OK. Just we need to wait. Because as far as we look for it carefully, we can find it !!

I have introduced her the news in some time ago in Singapore about one of the relationship with Japan. It was in May 2014, when there was an event “TOKYO JAZZ IN SINGAPORE”.

Tokyo Jazz is a world-famous jazz festival in Japan which was born in 2002.

There in two days several Japanese musicians like FOX CAPTURE PLAN enjoyed play in Esplanade outdoor stage, looking the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands !!

“What a nice event !, I wish I could visit Japan to get a chance!!”

I thought I would like to WARP to Japan together with her. But it should not be a good idea finally…

One People, One Nation, One Singapore, by Jeremy Monteiro (arr. Jazz Trio & Tabla)