It was in July 1969. Although the high peak of student activation was faded out, however, still there were a lot of conflict between students and others in school and town. It was global problem due to Vietnam War and others, in 1968 and 1969.

In a day under such a situation, Yosuke Yamashita and his trio performed event called “JAZZ INSIDE BARRICADE” at WASEDA UNIVERSITY.

バリケードの中のジャズ 山下洋輔トリオ.flv

Oh my god !! Yosuke Yamashita was strongly involved in student activation ????

No, no! It was just a performance by surrounding people of Yamashita. He just had strong intention to break down conventional jazz style by himself without political intention.

In fact, there was complicated situation between several groups (it was one of a fundamental problem of student activation), however, surroundings of Yamashita, no such conflict between groups. That was a power of jazz !!  In other testimony, it is said that inside jazz cafe, it was the same. No conflict between groups, for example came from demonstrating students in the photo of eye catch. !! As told before post, JIMBOCHO is the area with several universities.

Of course I know there is very difficult problem of racism. To fight with such problem, many jazz musicians were political, sometimes in much radical. But it is another issue. In Japan, there were several radical performance which were just breaking down music style. Like Miles Davis who had been consistently breaking down styles.

It is for JUMBOCHO studies. For QUARTIER LATIN, to be posted later.