Sadao Watanabe’ s base is be-bop and Charlie Parker. Speaking extremely, all of his albums are Charlie Parker’s influenced.

Among such valuable albums, hereby following 3 are directly named in the titles.

  1. DEDICATED TO CHARLIE PARKER (1969) Swing Journal Jazz Workshop 2.
  2. BIRD OF PARADISE (1977)
  3. PARKER’S MOOD (1985)

Charlie Parker passed away in Mar.1955. As for 13th anniversary of his death, SWING JOURNAL coordinated special concert in the name of “PLAYS FOR CHARLIE PARKER”, asking Sadao Watanabe as a leader. DEDICATED TO CHARLIE PARKER

Sadao Watanabe (as), Kazuo Yashiro (p), Masanaga Harada (b), Fumio Watanabe (ds), special guest, Terumasa Hino (tp)

Tunes are: 1. Parker’s Mood, 2. A Song For Bird, 3. Everything Happens To Me, 4. I Can’t Get Started, 5. Au Privave, 6. If I Should Lose You

The next one is BIRD OF PARADISE. It is the second project with Hank Jones The Great Jazz Trio after “I’M OLD FASHIONED” (1976)

Sadao Watanabe (as), Hank Jones (p), Ron Carter (b), Tony Williams (ds).

  1. Bird Of Paradise, 2. Donna Lee, 3. Embraceable You, 4. Star Eyes, 5. Dexterity, 6. If I Should Lose You, 7.Yard Bird Suite, 8. K.C.Blues

California Shower (1978)’s big success in sales was not so welcome by traditional jazz fan in Japan. Then, later in 1979, BIRD OF PARADISE was released (recorded in 1977, released in 1979), those fan were much relieved, “Of, this is Sadao Watanabe !!”

No, No !! He never cared such categorized. He always played as he wished.

Bird Of paradise 1976

The third one is “PARKER’S MOOD“. with younger musicians from USA.

Sadao Watanabe (as), Jame Williams (p), Charnett Moffett (b), Jeff Watts (ds)

  1. Stella By Starlight, 2. Everything Happens To Me, 3. Lament, 4. Billy’s Bounce, 5. I thought About You, 6. Parker’s Mood, 7. Bird Of Paradise, 8. Beautiful Love

It was for live performance played at Laforet Museam, Harajuku in 1985, so called “BRABAS CLUB”, sponsored by Shiseido. (I took a ticket for another Sadao Watanabe session. Oh my god !! But that was OK as well…)