Hatsune Hirahara (p) is one of the regular musicians at Jazz clubs in and around Tokyo.

On Jul.05,2022, there was a “session” at INTRO in Takadanobaba Tokyo, together with Ryoji Orihara (fretless b). So many amateur musicians were enjoying to play together with them. Also there were several professional musicians visited INTRO to join, like Kaito Nakamura (ds), Kota Kaihori (p) and Sho Takahashi (b). Musicians and customers were so lucky!

Probably it is INTRO, one and only, which could produce such an atmosphere of joy of playing together with professional players and amateurs. Almost every night except holiday once a week (Mon), such a session has been continuing. Great !!

Hatsune Hirahara is one of the rising young stars as well.

She went to Berklee Music of College. But came back to Japan, in Osaka, her home town, due to COVID19. However, she moved to Tokyo because she thought there were more chance in Tokyo.

OK, in anywhere, there should be necessary chance for you.

Anyway, there was an agony and “tears”, she said, at time of trying to find her chance.

Listen to “TEARS” !!

Tears -Ⅰ.Sob

“TEARS” were released on Jun.22, which was recorded at Jazz club ALFIE on Mar.24, 2022.

Hatsune Hihakura (p), Kaito Nakamura (ds) and Shunya Wakai (b)