Primitive and stupid question; “Why only Christianity has strong relationship with music, as far as major religion ??”

Maybe I can get its reply in some day.

Anyway, I think Gary Peacock (May 1935- Sep.2020) has most approached to ZEN in foreign musicians. I used to get an information that he stayed in Kyoto to learn ZEN from the end of 60s through early 70s. However, later investigation shared that before Kyoto, he stayed in Tokyo. (He stayed in Tokyo in close to my current home !! But it is only my individual issue.)

It was found out when Gary himself visited Shinjuku Pit Inn, Tokyo.

And during his stay in Japan, he made 9 records as follows including 2 of his leader album (in blue). (year is at recording) (excluding Gary himself)

  1. Eastward (1970) with Masabumi Kikuchi (p) and Hiroshi Murakami (ds)
  2. Have you heard ?(1970) with Jack DeJohnette (ds), Bennie Maupin (sax) and Hideo Ichikawa(p)
  3. Silver World (銀界)(1970) with Hozan Yamamoto (shakuhachi), Masabumi Kikuchi (p) and Hiroshi Murakami(ds)
  4. First Encounter (1971) with Mal Waldron (p) and Hiroshi Murakami (ds)
  5. Voices (1971) with Masabumi Kikuchi (p), Hiroshi Murakami(ds) and Masahiko Togashi (perc)
  6. Paysages (1971) with Sadao Watanabe (as) Masabumi Kikuchi (p), Hiroshi Murakami (ds) and Masahiko Togashi (perc)
  7. Poesy (1971) with Masabumi Kikuchi (p) and Masahiko Togashi (perc)
  8. Sposin’ (1971) with Helen Merill (vo), Masahiko Sato (p) and Motohiko Hino (ds)
  9. Samadhi (1972) with Masahiko Sato and Motohiko Hino.

All those are full of oriental mind. Probably “SILVER WORLD” is most typical. We see its particular SPACE, and we can imagine why Gary came to Japan and what he has learnt during his stay in Japan.

Hozan Yamamoto / Masabumi Kikuchi – silver world

Oh, great Gary. He is the MAN. R.I.P.

Many of information came from the magazine, “JAZZ JAPAN”