It is said that Japanese are hot spring loving people. Probably it is correct. (Even though recently it looks that famous hot spring places are occupied by Asian Visitors (before Corona problem)).

Anyway I myself as well like it very much. Especially in wintertime when there was a snow outside, how can we explain the relax to take a bath in hot spring viewing a snow beside. In addition, there might be a nice dishes after hot spring together with hot Japanese sake. Oh wonderful.

However, honestly speaking, the above was a memory for me. Currently it is the special case as for a vacation. In fact, staying at hot spring is much costy…

Instead of that, there is an another type, “CASUAL HOT SPRING”. Basically it is not for stay nights. But we can enjoy staying there whole day long if you got a time. Usually a large space with restaurant inside, and massage place and barber, everything.

Oh, major difference is that traditional hot spring is basically of natural hot spring, whereas casual hot spring is usually boiled manually. But it is not so the issue for me. Important point is more frequently we can go there together with family.

Third type of bath is PUBLIC BATH. Probably it is of the Japanese culture. In fact Japanese like to take a bath in bathtub. However long time ago it is not easy to equip bathtub in each house. Therefore public baths are increased in town. Nowadays not so few family have bathtub in their house. However, still many people like to be relaxed in large bathtub !! Still public baths are survived.

In many of the society, there are several privilege for elderly people. Oh my god !, I am already in those group. I got free tickets for public bath from government office for 4 times in a month. GREAT !! Every once a week in the evening, it is much enjoyable to go to public bath near my house. Heavy stress due to daily job, and complicated human being relationship is easily gone away !!

In any type, either, TRADITIONAL HOT SPRING, CASUAL HOT SPRING or PUBLIC BATH is much recommendable to foreign visitors.

Thank you.