Yoshigaki-san, it is quite unfortunate that we could not see you on the end of 2020, at Shinjuku PIT INN.

Actually it is my rule to celebrate COUNT DOWN together with many of the visitors gathered in PIT INN, performed by Yoshigaki-san for these several years.

(Instead, Tamaya Honda-san will perform it this year, and of course it should be very nice, however, it is another issue.)

Really COVID19 had a lot of problem anywhere in the world.

I am not sure exactly how many years, however, at least in these years I attend it after came back from China, ON THE END OF YEAR SPECIAL LIVE, throughout the night! with 7-8 groups.

Anytime when I attended it, I felt much happy to see, almost surprisingly, young and elder, women and men were gathered, even after midnight. PIT INN space is not enough for many visitors, therefore so many visitors were standing.

After the whole performances were finished, came home in the freezing air in early morning. But keeping very hot inside.

This year, no way. However, next year, strongly hope this important event in all night to be revived!!

Thank you very much.

Orquesta Libre 『I Say A Little Prayer』 copenhagen jazz festival @ Stengade Jazz Club Loco