It was Oct.10, 1981, in Osaka, when I was a university student, I was rushing to concert hall together with my friend. Clearly in detail I had strong memories in getting most excited to see Miles Davis. It was really unbelievable news that Miles had returned after long break from 1975, AGARTHA and PANGAEA.

Then, the result……. It was OK. Consensus with my friend was that “No need more….”.

Just a pity to see Miles just to walk in painful so much.

Anyway, it was only one experience of no expectation, no evaluation in attending concerts.

Just happy that ALBUM, including Tokyo concert, WE WANT MILES is nice one.

We Want Miles

Miles Davis (tp)

Bill Evans (sax)

Mike Stern (g)

Marcus Miller (b)

Al Foster (ds)

Mino Cinelu (perc)

The first visit to Japan was in 1964, when “MILES IN TOKYO” was recorded.

Miles Davis (tp)

Sam Rivers (ts)

Herbie Hancock (p)

Ron Carter (b)

Tony Williams (ds)

It was 2 months before Wayne Shorter joined in his quintet in “MILES IN BERLIN”.

Also, AGARTHA and PANGAEA was recorded in Feb. 1975 at Osaka Festival Hall.

Miles Davis (tp)

Sonny Fortune (sax)

Pete Cosey (g)

Reggie Lucas (g)

Michael Henderson (b)

Al Foster (ds)

James Mtume (perc)