In fact, I like Thai dishes very much. They are considered as one of the hottest and spicy dishes in the world. But there are so many hot and spicy dishes in the world. What is the characteristics of the Thai spicy ??

Let’s try TOM YAM KUNG, first.  (Boiled and Mixed Prawn soup)

Challenge to make Tom Yam Kung on holiday!!

Yes. It is very spicy. On the other hand, we feel sourness. In fact it is a mixture of so many ingredients. Sourness is from lemongrass and lime and so on… Spiciness is from several chilis.

I think this SOURNESS is one of the keys.

Sourness is sometimes considered as negative to be connected with rot. But no need to think about it. Soft sour is much helpful to the health.  In case it is used in the dishes, usually it accentuates other tastes character, like spiciness. This is the key of the Thai dishes character !!

Let’s think about Thailand in the world history during WORLD WAR 2, around. There were sad history that so many countries around Thailand were defeated from invasion of several empires in that days. But Thailand is keeping consistency its independence.

For a long time, I think about the difference between such strength like keeping independence, and daily softness of Thai people manners and behavior. Of course, “ANGEL”.

OK. Understand it, and I could enjoy other dishes as well. Thai Green Curry is one of the most favorite as well !