Takadanobaba is one of the most ethnic city in Japan.When we walk on the street, we see so many people on the street, so many kinds of restaurant.

Probably one of the reason is that there are so many schools, like Waseda University and so on.

However, even so, why we see so many Myanmar restaurants ? It is said that Takadanobaba is called as “LITTLE YANGON”.

Mingalaba (03-3200-6907)

Nong Inlay (03-5273-5774)

Ruby (03-6907-3944)

Swe Myanmar (03-5937-0127)

Mya Myint Mo (03-6457-3544)

Yarmanya (03-6908-5233)

Shwe Htarni (03-6233-7379)

Yangon Restaurant

Baba Myanmar Noodle (03-3205-6033)

and more…

There is a story about Little Yangon in Japan.

It is said that initially in Nakai area (2stops from Takadanobaba), the first Little Yangon community was established. One of a beneficent citizen living in Nakai was strongly supported people from Myanmar escaped from there after the repression in 1988 around. Then so many people heard about that information and gathered in Nakai area. However, due to some trouble with immigration, then they moved to Takadanobaba, where is more convenient for public transportation and so on.

That is the story how Little Yangon in Takadanobaba was made.

Frankly speaking I am not so familiar with Myanmar cuisine yet. I want to keep trying.

Following is one of the typical cuisine, Dan Bow (Myanmar taste biryani with chicken).

Chicken is so soft and enough spicy.

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