“Why so frequently I want to be back to Thailand ?!”

I ask to myself sometimes, only to get reply that “Because it is COMFORTABLE“.

YES. This should be a reply. Even though it is a little bit different when we go on a business, however, for a holiday, we felt always being most relaxed. Maybe it is because resort area like Phuket, Pataya is so nice, however, major reason should be human beings. Oh lovely cupits !!

We are so happy to listen to the phrase “MAI PEN RAI (never mind)”

Thai foods are one of the best food for us in the world. Spicy one is OK. Followings are the best five for me.

  1. Tom Yam Kun– Spicy Prawn Soup
  2. Yam Wun Sen– Thai rie noodle with lime juice
  3. Green curry
  4. Som Tum– Green papaya salad
  5. Pad Thai– Stir-fried rice noodle

As you can imagine, in Tokyo, there are so many Thai restaurants. 20 years ago or so, I was so interested in researching nice Thai restaurants in Tokyo. Yes, it is nice. However, to be frank, so many restaurants have a little bit or a more with Japanese taste. It is a pity issue for me. Probably more and more Thai people need to come to Japan (after Corona trouble) !!.

Finally, it is very nice that recently I knew concretely there are people in Thailand who love Jazz. This is new topics that I need to visit again Thailand (after Corona).

Enjoy !