It was Sept.1972, when the fresh breeze has been spread throughout Jazz world together with a SEAGULL.

The name of the album is RETURN TO FOREVER.

When we say RETURN TO FOREVER, there are two meanings, one is a name of a group, and the other is a name of their first album. Here I am talking about the latter one.

In fact it is considered as one of the most influenced Jazz album in the whole Jazz history, I think. Why ?? Because it is the masterpiece of JAZZ WORLD SHAKING. People say that it is MILES DAVIS BITCHES BREW that shake JAZZ WORLD with electric sounds. YES, it should be correct. However, each people can have each feelings. For me, the fresh atmosphere they brought also shake BITCHES BREW as well !! Oh how I liked it !!! (BITCHES BREW is too heavy for me, usually not to be relaxed)

Some Time Ago (La Fiesta) – Chick Corea Quartet

Now question;

What is your FOREVER to be returned ?? I think it is nice to keep consistent core in mind….

– Challenging spirits


-Keep creativeness

Chick Corea is very talented musician with wide variety. He made so many categorized masterpieces.

In fact I like so many categorized Jazz music, however, quite often returned to RETURN TO FOREVER.

Thank you;

Chick Corea (key)

Stanley Clarke (b)

Joe Farrell (flute, sax)

Airto Moreira (ds, perc.)

Flora Purim (vo.perc.)