Many people say that Jazz cafe is very unique culture in Japan. I think one of the reason is that there is written or unwritten rule of “NO TALKING IN THE CAFE“. I can not imagine at Paris Cafe or Rome Bar there can be such a rule. Even in Japan one of the main reason to go to cafe is to talk with friends.

Why there came such a rule in Japan ??

It is said that the peak of Jazz cafe boom in Japan was on 60s and early 70s. In such days major jazz scene was from USA. Very limited records were available in Japan. However, there were many Jazz lovers already. They could listen to new records only at Jazz cafe. Then, they rushed to cafe, concentrated to listen. If somebody made noise, easily there was internal trouble. Therefore Jazz cafe owners decided to make rule of no talking, Mr.Nakadaira of DUG said.

This is one phase of Jazz cafe boom in Japan. YES. It might be the character of Japanese people.

It was 50 years ago, and nowadays not so many people are rushing to Jazz cafe. Easy to check the new CD. Therefore Jazz cafe owners changed its rule. Now only a few cafes keep such a rule.

Then, why still a few cafes keep it ??

Probably it is a RESPECT to music and players. Oh, it is another character of Japanese !!

There is the cinema, JAZZ KISSA BASIE. There is a famous copy that “THE MAN PERFORMS RECORDS“. It means record (CD) is on the same level of live performance. Nobody in the concert hall would like to talk loudly.

On the other hand, situation was changed. No need only to be serious there. We can enjoy it more relaxed. There are so many Jazz cafe for such people. Many options are always valuable!!

Now here, anybody’s idea on such issue would be highly appreciated, in any method.

Thank you very much !!