KOREA is, for the point of Japan, a neighbor country. There are a lot of similar feeling for us to visit Korea, and then faced sometimes different culture. Maybe in order to face such difference, we can enjoy trip.

Similarity 1= Buddhism(仏教) oriented ones. Both Korea and Japan are basically Buddhism countries

2= Confucianism (儒教)oriented ones. Relationship inside family, especially parents and children. (in youth, became much different in Japan….)

Difference 1= Food. More food are very hot with red pepper.

2= Fashion. Korean charm!!

3= Music. More danceable. Difference between K-POP and J-POP !!

In addition, I feel Korean people like OUTSIDE and NATURE more.

They like to walk in mountain area and hiking. There are so many places to enjoy BBQ in family and friends.

To experience such kind of enjoy nature by Koreans, I think, one of a recommendation is JARASUM ISLAND. Very popular for camping. It takes 2-3 hours by car from Seoul.

It is not so convenient for foreign visitor to go there alone, however, there should be a way to study in advance. If you got a friend there, no problem.

Furthermore, it is very important that every year in October, there has been JARASUM INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL since 2004 !! Every year more than 100,000 visitors enjoyed there.

Urban concert inside hall is of course OK, but frankly speaking more happiness to feel outside wind.

Idea itinerary;

1st day= flight to Seoul and enjoy Korean BBQ (I like beef kalbi most).

2nd day= move to Jarasum Island and enjoy the festival. (festival goes on usually 3 days)

3rd, 4th or 5th depends on how many days possible at festival= back to Seoul

enjoy Samgyetang or Korean cold noodle……of course with Kimchi!

the next day= flight back

It should be the perfect.

Hope such days could be possible in realistic shortly.