I think there are two types of Japanese jazz musicians;

  1. Move to New York and establish his/ her carrier there.
  2. Stay in Japan to succeed Japan jazz culture.

Yosuke Yamashita 山下洋輔 is clearly a big tree to have established one of Japan supreme jazz culture.

There are so many musicians to succeed his tree, or to try to establish his/ her style in the similar category of him.

Miyuki Moriya 守谷美由貴 looks such type. In her second album “MUKASHI MUKASHI (long time ago)” include a lot of appreciation to him, and try to overcome on top of it.

1 .Mina’s second theme (Yosuke Yamashita)

2. Yojimbo (Masaru Sato)

3. Mukashi Mukashi (Miyuki Moriya)

4. Think of One (Thelonious Monk)

5. Castaway (Miyuki Moriya)

6. Kiazuma (Yosuke Yamashita)

7. Every Day is a New Day (Miyuki Moriya)

Miyuki Moriya (as), Mikiko Nagatake (p) and Sohnosuke Imaizumi (ds)— bass less trio !!


Another one is session with Akira Sakata (as, voice), Dairo Suga (p) and Tamaya Honda(ds)

Because Akira Sakata was a member of “golden” Yosuke Yamashita trio, and other two great musicians, Dairo Suga and Tamaya Honda both could be in the same group, it can be reminded of “golden ages, 50 years ago”, but exactly the updated sound !!

Dairo SUGA / Akira SAKATA / Tamaya HONDA @ Shinjuku Pit Inn
Sakata’s voice—– always could not stop roar of laughter !!!

It is happy to see continuation.

Thank you very much !!