Manhattan Transfer is one of the top groups who love to come to Japan.

And, it was quite unfortunate for me to lose the chance in 2018 at Tokyo Jazz just I was too late to book the ticket. Oh my god !! Then, when could be the next chance ?? Also, I would hope strongly to come together with Steve Gadd !!

If I list up 3 of their album, they should be, EXTENSIONS (1979), MECCA FOR MODERNS (1981) and VOCALESE (1985).

One important point with EXTENSION is produced by Jay Graydon, which is succeeded to MECCA FOR MODERNS. TWILIGHT ZONE/ TWILIGHT TONE → SPICE IN THE NIGHT and KAFKA. (In Japan such category is called “Adult Oriented Rock”).

On the other hand, UNTIL I MET YOU (CORNER POCKET), and (THE WORLD OF) CONFIRMATION are succeeded to the whole VOCALESE (jazz).

Then, we can say, THE KEY SHOULD BE MECCA FOR MODERN, and KEY MUSICIAN is Steve Gadd !! I can not stop concluding especially during listening KAFKA.

Why Manhattan Transfer did not continue collaboration with Jay Graydon as producing ??

Or the next chance Manhattan Transfer could come to Japan, strongly hope to be with Steve Gadd. Then we might be able to listen to BIRDLAND of Steve Gadd !!!! What is the thing so called DREAM without such happenings ???

Manhattan Transfer [ KAFKA ] Steve Gadd ' 81

For reference, Bernard Kafka;

Bernard Kafka ‎– The Hero