This is a talks about my father, who was born on 13th July, 1929, and went to see God on21st Oct.2015.

It is very tough issue to talk about him…

AA: What was your most memorial days with your father ?? For me, it was around my age, 30 or so, when I had a plan to marry. It was at my father’s age at around 60. Gradually retiring from head responsibility of income at home. Securing his own time himself, and enjoying trip together with my mother. Clearly his face became calm. In fact, my memory was always strict and serious before. Much changed.

And…oh my god!! It is the same time as of mine now !! Strongly I feel it is very important now together with my children.

BB: When my father went to see God, I was staying in China on business. Just before, I was suggested by my brother to come home to see my father. However, it was just finishing the contract and time to return back to Japan. Very busy for too much preparation. It was much pity that I could not take action to get the earliest flight ticked. Then the next day I got another call from my brother…….

Probably it was the most self- deprecating days. Unbelievable….

Believe me, to work in abroad is to take such a risk.

After being back to my father’s home, I heard from my sister that “father is asking where I was?” My sister replied ” shortly. Please be patient to wait..” When I faced my father, I tried to ask him “What were you trying to transfer to me at that time ??” No reply. Just calm smile only.

It was another self-deprecating.

I think I need to think of it continuously.

Also, I think that is the reply, “TO DO WHATEVER NEED TO DO” and “TO TRANSFER ALL IN NECESSITY.