Thank you very much to the National Cancer Center Hospital (NCCH) which gave me recovery from Esophageal Cancer (食道がん).

Actually, this experience for me, is not only for my individual issue but also for thinking about the fundamental way of direction how to survive from cancer in the common perspective of global citizen.

Yes. There are so many alarm like ” earlier examination(especially by an endoscope内視鏡検査) could save the life”….

But nothing is well enough.

Also it should be much encouraging that there are the parties and so many health care workers who has been concentrating in a team to fight against cancers for a long time.

Especially in an endoscope inspection and treatment field, I learned that NCCH is the top level in the world and accepting doctors to learn there from all over the world with more than 100 doctors every year (before COVID 19).

One of the project is called “NCC MIRAI PROJECT” which could cover so many treatments with endoscope through a collaboration of several team like endoscope team, ultrasound team, robot treatment team and so on. It is obvious that MIRAI PROJECT could open the unknown door for the long time which was quite tough and hard physical operation. But unbelievably without cutting the body by a knife, just with an endoscope !!

For my esophageal cancer treatment, it took only 10-20 minutes (It was not exactly because I was well asleep. But not from full body anesthesia, but from pain reliever) without pain !!

I do not want to imagine how long it took, how much pain I got, if my examination was late by 1-2 years !! It is greatly by an early examination and high quality examination.

For reference, number of patient of esophageal cancer in 2019 in Japan: 26,382.

Number of deaths from esophageal cancer in 2020 in Japan: 10,981.

Five years survival ratio : 41.5%

Strongly desire that those statistical figure could be improving worldwide.

Observership Visits National Cancer Center Japan (unabridged)【国立がん研究センター】