It was in 1979, so called ”LEGEND FUSION BAND IN JAPAN”, KYLYN was released.

It was really shocking. So many younger fusion lovers (of course including elders..) were mad in chasing them. In mid of 70s, already in big boom of fusion. In Japan, a little bit delayed. Sadao Watanabe started collaboration with Dave Grusin in MY DEAR LIFE in 1977. Kazumi Watanabe was already popular,and so many younger musicians became active.

Then, gathering such younger top musicians, KYLYN was released.

Kazumi Watanabe (g) (1953- )

Ryuichi Sakamoto (key) (1952- )

Shuichi Murakami (ds) (1951-2021 R.I.P.)

Yukihiro Takahashi (ds) (1952- )

Rei Ohara (b) (1951- )

Pecker (perc)

Shigeharu Mukai (tb) (1949- )

Toshiyuki Honda (as) (1957- )

Yasuaki Shimizu (ts) (1954- )

Mikio Masuda (key) (1949- )

Akiko Yano (key, vo)

Probably it is so pity for so many fans that KYLYN project was finished in half a year with only 2 albums, KYLYN and KYLYN LIVE.

KYLYN includes two character. It is divided by drummer, first half with Syuichi Murakami, and later half with Yukihiro Takahashi. Later one is more looked for Yello Magic Orchestra color (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi and Haruomi Hosono).

KYLYN LIVE has also two characters. First half is more straight fusion, and later half is more featured of Akiko Yano, who has distinctive, unique character. No other musicians could do like her.

Anyway, it is individual preference. It is definitely clear that any musicians participated were fully enjoying this project. And later, each person became giants in each way, like leaving the nest of KYLYN.

Still, occasionally, Japanese fusion lovers listen to these two albums like being back to our origin !!

伝説的名盤 KYLYN

Kazumi Watanabe ‎– Kylyn Live (1979)