Just for reference, summary of previous vote in best five (total 172 votes);

  1. Black Market (32)
  2. Heavy Weather (29)
  3. 8:30 (24)
  4. Mysterious Traveller (23)
  5. Night Passage (14)

Again, this is just a reference with individual preference. However, I was a little bit surprised;

① Almost all albums are listed, evenly.

② So many replies are, “all” or “can not list..”. Oh this is really Weather Report !!

Weather Report – Black Market (Live at Montreux 1976)

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Which album of WEATHER REPORT do you like best ??

I have been replying just, “8:30”. (Exactly speaking, partially it depends….. anyway)

It is because, I feel most straight and powerful. It is said that “after Jaco Pastorius joined”.

The band direction became firm. Before Jaco, major band fans were black people, after Jaco, they were expanded much including rock fans and younger people. The album jackets show it clearly. Complete expression of excitement before the show starts!!

Following is concert in Japan on Jul 2nd, 1978 in Tokyo, which is almost the same as 8:30 world. (difference is usually show starts at 7:00 in Japan, much earlier….)

Always it brings me back to days in 1978, when I got the first encounter with Weather Report. Straight and Powerful !!