HAVING A DREAM DURING WARP, there were drastic change frequently of building view from the plane window together with shaking from right to left.

After that I realized I was walking to taxi waiting at the Kaitak Airport.

I, from the real world, know that Kaitak Airport was closed in 1998, and new airport, Ckek Lap Kok was open as replaced. However, I think so many people are still missing old Kai Tak Airport, which was quite close to downtown with tall buildings. It was said that Kaitak was the most disliked airport for the pilots. But sorry for the pilots, we do not care it and we enjoyed some time before landing like enjoying with roller coaster !!

Anyway, I realized that I WARPED to Hong Kong before 1998.

What day is today ??

I see the money exchange window and understand today is Jul. 15th, 1987.

Oh, I remember it is the day that for the first time I visited Hong Kong on business.

Probably WARP is to the day on which I got the strongest impact on the city…

YES, the strongest impact of mine was at the first visit.

Everything I looked was so energetic in life.

I wanted to visit Hong Kong in the same time in order that I could see Ben Tan of FB friend.

However, it is pity probably I could not do it like Jang san in Korea. No way, just hope the next time I try to WARP to the same time.

I will enjoy walking in Hong Kong to remember the energetic citizen’s life to match with acrobatic Kai Tak Airport !!

Kai Tak Landings From The Kowloon Mall (1998)