“DONDON, why don’t we enjoy blindfold journey in Aceh ?”

Aulia is always charming to propose anything to me.

I am happy enough to be seating next to Aulia on the flight to Aceh. What else in the world to be more for me ?

“Are you talking about visiting to coffee firm?”

“Yes. But so far it is better that is all. We just follow my friend, Eddy, who operates coffee firm, to the surprising journey.”

“I understand it.”

“We need to wake up very early tomorrow morning. Could you stay at my mother’s house tonight ?”

“Yes. Of course, totally, I follow your suggestion and/ or Eddy’s.”

“Fine. Now we will arrive Banda Aceh Airport. Please fasten your seatbelt tight.”

I got a warm welcome by Aulia’s family at Aceh with Indonesian family dinner. It was really like Padang cuisine at the restaurant yesterday. Or was it yesterday’s happening ? I was not sure, in fact.

Just as Aulia told me, we left her mother’s house very early in the morning. Eddy came here by his car. It is an off-road car. He looks very gentle, but suddenly shout loudly.

“Are you ready, lady and gentleman, for the jungle tour in Indonesia ?”

I had no idea how to reply.

Eddy is very talkative person, and during several hour’s drive, in a whole time, he talked to me with a lot of issues. Aulia sometimes join in our conversation.

Suddenly he stopped his car, and told us to walk from here. I understand it is the start of jungle tour. There are wide and deep jungle around. I do not understand what is the target of this tour…

We walked, we walked in the jungle. After getting in the jungle, Eddy became silent.

After walking so long, again suddenly he shouted.

“I found it!!”

We gaze at the foot of Eddy.

“Do you know what is this ?”

“I do not know.”

“It is faeces of a luwak.”

“Faeces ?”

Aulia is just laughing.

“You do not know about KOPI LUWAK ?”

“Now I remember. It is extremely expensive.”

“Yes, you are right. Anyway let’s collect them and come back home !”

On the way back by his off-road car, he again became talkative and explained about KOPI LUWAK.

“Luwak likes ripened coffee bean. Flesh of coffee bean are digested, and coffee seed are not digested and left with faeces.

During its digest, there is a fermentation which put this coffee seed with very special flavor.”

This time we went to Eddy’s house. After arrived there, he started to wash collected coffee seed with faeces very carefully.  After careful wash, then he prepared to serve coffee.

“This is from the one I got several days ago, and dried, threshed and dried again. Let’s try.”

He was serving coffee without filter. Directly he put coffee powder after grinded into coffee cups. After sink of the powder, he told us to drink.

“This is Indonesian style!”

I could not explain that taste at all. I never experience at all with coffee. What I drunk was coffee ? I could not believe. Was it an exact of jewelry with perfume ?

I just understand this is a dream, which is a gift from Auliea. I do not think I can taste the same again.

I think very carefully what I can give to Aulia later, probably in Japan.

I understand it is the time to good by to Aulia and Eddy with a very special thanks. I thought I would like to Bali next.

Thank you very much. Eddy took me to the airport.