After saying good by to Aulia, I came to Bali by myself. It is my strong desire at the beginning, just because Bali has a special fascination.

It is said “The Island of the God”

It is said, “The paradise in the southern sea”

Of course, I am not so interesting in the beach resort.

I just want to look for the god.

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim -majority country, But Bali is Balinese-Hindu island.

I know my direction is Ubud, which is called as “the town of the art”.

It takes 1.5 hours by car from Denpasar International airport. But how to get there ? in Bali, public transportation is not so convenient. Taking taxi is not my way. OK, I take a bus…

As usual, I checked an economic hotel, and immediately went out from the hotel.

My target in Bali is traditional performing arts.

I learned that there are so many performing arts. Most famous ones are;

-Legon Dance

-Barong Dance


Legon Dance is most elegant. Talented and trained young girls wearing glittering Balinese dresses perform dance together with Gamelan.

Barong Dance is most traditional, which is religious ceremony as well.

[BALI] Legong Lasem (Yama Sari) [GAMELAN]

Kecak is the most Balinese- like performing arts by 100 more or less men dancing together in highly distinctive rhythm. It is for a talisman to protect them against devil.

All those performing arts are traditional as well as alive.

They are always close to citizens, at the same time close to sightseeing people.

This is the most unique point in Bali, for the point of view of mine !!

I need several days at least in Ubud, and book several days more for the same hotel.