New York is definitely the city that I have been longing to visit throughout my life. However, it is a pity that I had chances only twice in 60 years !! Oh my god !!

OK. Still I have another 20 years minimum being active to go around. There must be chances…..(This is a consistent and fundamental message in this blog of mine.)

For the first time to visit New York, it was 39 years ago, which was for the first time to take a flight to abroad as well. Being excited enough for a young boy. Long time having part time job and saving cost to drink…

The major target for the first visit is to go to the VILLAGE VANGUARD. At that time I was so nervous because of the first time to go abroad, I got some help from my pen friend through the Japanese Jazz Magazine SWING JOURNAL. He picked me up at the hotel and went to Village Vanguard together. I do not have any more chance to see him again… Oh pity. Much more pity is that I had lost memory who was playing there on that day. I was so unfamiliar on jazz at that time.

For the second time, it was 31 years ago, I went to the SWEET BASIL. It was clearly in my memory. GIL EVANS AND MONDAY NIGHT ORCHESTRA play at SWEET BASIL. It was very famous for a long time. However, a great pity that no more continued because of GIL EVANS was ascent to heaven. Then, luckily, MILES EVANS, who is his son, succeeded MONDAY NIGHT ORCHESTRA. It was a most enjoyable night.

YES, I got s strong trust myself to have another several chance to go to New York. Then the next time, I feel like that GIL EVANS could welcome me at SWEET BASIL !!

Gil Evans & The monday night orchestra – Live at sweet Basil (Vol.1)