Long time ago, more than 20 years, I used to stay in London on business.

At that time I had many chances to visit EU countries on business trip, and for holiday as well. France is the place most frequently visit. Sometimes to take flight,but mostly to take Eurostar from Waterloo station to Paris Nord station.

Nord station area, at that time, was, sorry to say, a little bit dark and place left behind…

But it was OK. We booked a hotel in that area, in case of private visit with my wife. There were many economic two stars hotel there. Enough comfortable for us. Strangely, still we had strong memory once when we walked around in Paris all the day, much tired at arrived at the hotel, then no power for my wife to go out again for dinner. No way. I myself went out to bring some oyster to the hotel. YES, those were the best oyster for us in our through life! That is the Paris !!

It was fantastic that we walked around many places in Paris.

Not only two stars hotel(!), but also “Parisian Thoroughfare” was amazing place for us.

Les Champ-Elysees !!!

What did BUD POWELL feel at Parisian Thoroughfare ??

What did I feel at Parisian Thoroughfare ??

Probably similar!!

Also, what did Yosuke Yamashita ???

No idea…. Just guess. Probably following is of respect to Bud Powell, and his challenge or battle…especially in the later part.

Yosuke Yamashita山下洋輔 / Parisian Thoroughfare / (映像Bud Powell)