It is the duo performance with;

Daysuke Takaoka (tuba) and

Koji Ota (ds or perc.)

at On a slow boat to… on Dec.10, 2022.

The story is that;

Initially this performance was planned to be held at No Room For Squares.

However, it was cancelled because of COVID 19 from the owner of NRFS.

It was too tough for Daysuke Takaoka to forget it, because he was so wishing.

The owner of NRFS asked many clubs to arrange performance on the day to be replaced.

On a slow boat to… accepted its replacement.

It was only 2 days in advance to be decided and announced by SNS.

However, there are full of customers at On a slow boat to…

It is to say in a word, HEARTWARMING !!, isn’t it ??

Also I think it is JAPAN !!

It is not so usual to perform duo with tuba and drums.

How it is to be categorized with words? Free improvisation ?? Probably no meaning to categorize. Just a hot music.

Outside the club, very cold.

inside the club, very hot.