Was there any chance of you to visit the area called “CAT STREET”, during your sightseeing visit in Hong Kong?

It is like a junk market. I have quite scare interest in such a place, but many times I visited there just because, close to there, our important customer located his office.

Exactly speaking, not OUR CUSTOMER, but the customer of the Company CASIO, because already I had resigned there, with a lot of memories left.

At closing of my career at CASIO, I hold strong intentions to keep a memory in any kind of written form here, not just in a brain. It should not be possible to watch fading of the memories.

Thank you very much for the company “J” and the owner, Mr.”Z” who gave me one of the most shining memories.

I do not have much of personal information about Mr.”Z”, just know he moved to Hong Kong from Pakistan when he was young, and has been engaging the distribution business of electronic products. Casio has been one of the important partners.

Ohh, quite a long time ago!.

How the scenery of Hong Kong at that time looked like? I got strong interests. However, he was so busy every time when I visited him only to talk about his idea of business. Probably it is possible after his retirement to listen to him about the past, over cups of traditional Chinese Tea. Yes. Luk Yu Tea House(陸羽茶室) may be suitable, which is close to his office.

I was responsible at the logistic position to deliver Casio products to him. Always cared “exact time delivery, and safe delivery”. Therefore, I visited him to inquire about our quality of delivery. However, again, it looked like he got no interest on such an issue and he spoke a lot about his idea to me loudly how to develop Casio business in Hong Kong.

Usually in Hong Kong, it is comfortable in the office with air conditioned. However, in “J”s office, temperature was higher by a few degrees, when there was a customer visit to him.

I think I must keep watching that he holds his ENTHUSIASM there. However, in any way, someday, anybody had a change. Question is how.