It is so nice to listen to friend’s performing. Yes, it is the MUSIC.

Taketty and me, both were working for the same corporation for long, got reached to the day to be retired. In fact, it should be the serious issue, “What to do after retired??” Then, I have been so inspired to see Taketty’s behavior showing “how he has been enjoying to play music”. More than shining!

Generally speaking, what is the motivation to play the music ?

-Keep himself as he is

-Money (sorry..)


Anybody should hold such a firm commitment especially after retired, although no need just now…

“GROW UP” members performed at SOKEHS ROCK (Yotsuya-3 chome), on Oct.1st (Sun)

Nobu (g)

Taketty (key)

Yuuca (vo)

Rich (b)

Mune (ds)— introduced as “running drummer!”

special guests;

Kentaro (tb)

Ryo (bs)

Teruki (tp)

It was also nice those young guests were welcomed warmly by “occupied” audiences.