There are several modes of transportation for the logistics. It is, maybe, truck transportation to be most familiar for the common citizens, getting delivery of the ordered goods. However, for logistics staffs, it is SEA transportation as for the volume wise. It may be a regular rule that new employees at logistics visit port facilities for the survey. However, there is nothing to get the essence through a short visit. Several visits, or suitable pilot and/or concierge is necessary.

It was lucky for me there came one capable, and charming pilot approaching to me! It was in 2012, as soon as I start staying in Shenzhen. She introduced YANTIAN port(塩田港)and surrounding facilities. 

 Thanks to her, I was lucky to see by myself, EXPLOSIVE GROWTH at Yantian port.

 We see the latest China’s significant position in the world economy, and easily find out there should be many reasons of their growth. One of the factors is SEA INFRASTRUCTURE. I was surprised, almost shocked to see its rapidity of developing, not only the port facility but also surrounding the whole infrastructures like highway. Of course, I got a guidance beside of me.

 In addition, it is a little bit different from this subject, however, there are quite familiar sea food restaurant area close to YANTIAN port. To enjoy sea food after surveying YANTIAN port.. it is to enrich the bright memories when I was staying Shenzhen.