I stayed in China from 2011 through 2015. It was Shenzhen, close to Hong Kong. Still I clearly remember the situation when I had arrived in Shenzhen for the first time. The place was Shekou port (蛇口港). I came there through Hong Kong port by ferry.

After checked in at the hotel, immediately, I came to the area called “Sea World”(海上世界)in Shekou. I remember it is quite fascinating area. One of the reason is that, it is a port area. Generally, port area has a foreign atmosphere. It was Saturday afternoon. A lot of young people were walking around the square. All looked lively, looked positive, looked having fun.

It was the time to feel concretely of China economy’s rapid growing up. There, I feel it is the symbolic area.

There, I saw a group of young ladies. Age— around 30, looked like, which is the target of our organization. I was assigned as a manager of logistic team. Yes. They looked positive. They looked shining. I wonder if there was any possibility I asked them to work with us !!

Of course it was a kind of day dream. Of course I had no action to call them.

The day afternoon on Monday, I came to the new office for me for the first time. I was quite surprised to see the same charming ladies at Shekou Sea World !! Really ?? I saw more closely, to realize the different staffs at our company. However, it is not the issue. God gave me the wonderful gift to work here together with such attractive staffs. Growing forehead.

4 years working together with them at Shenzhen, YES, there were a lot of happenings. In fact, not only the growing experiences but also ashaming problem due to my poor judgement, however, always they were supporting me. I am confident, there, the best team were existed.

Nowadays, environment was changed outrageously. It is not possible to compare. It has no meanings to review it just nostalgically. However, I am confident that, still, there are the essence of the same enthusiasm between me and them, alive.