Many people like traveling abroad using airport. I myself as well like to visit airport very much. At the departure, usually busy for several procedure like an embarkation procedure, even though, I like to walk around throughout the airport area as much as possible. One of the points I like to watch is AIR CARGO MOVING. I like to watch a large container being loaded in the aircraft.

 Of course, my point is not only to watch it in airports, but also to survey it in the airport warehouse. I was engaging in the logistic business!!

 Especially in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong airport’s ranking of cargo dealing has been No.1 in the world for more than 10 years !!

When I was staying in Shenzhen, I visited Hong Kong airport many times because Hong Kong airport is the main airport for us.

Our cargo were finished manufacturing at around 15:00 in the factory in China, then moved to Hong Kong. Usually it takes a little time but arrive at the airport at around 20:00, finished warehouse job at around 23:00, then, possible to be loaded in the midnight flight on the next day to be arrived, for example in Japan, very early in the morning!!

Amazing!! It is the same as “fresh food” moving!!

In such a circumstance, Hong Kong airport warehouse is usually busy at nighttime. Many cargos are arrived in the trucks, then unloaded using folk lifts. A lot of folk lifts are moving around together with much SHOUT of folk lift drivers.

It is AIR CARGO job. ENTHUSIASM. It is the contribution to convenience for common people’s daily life. It is logistics.

Still there is such an ENTHUSIASM at Hong Kong airport cargo warehouse?  Unfortunately, it is no more possible for me to see it by myself.