“How can I explain the feeling just now listening to Yusuke Chigita 3 with Chie Nishimura at SOMETIME,KICHIJOJI on Oct.25,2023?” I was wondering for some time, then Chie-san explained it as if she was talking directly to me, “Their trio has special “PROFOUND TENDERNESS. That is why we got supreme relax!”

Yes, yes. That it !! In fact I do not think I could feel such a relax for long time….

Yusuke Chigita 千北祐輔(b)

Mei Inoue 井上銘(g)

Yuto Maseki 柵木雄斗(ds)

Special guest, Chie Nishimura (vo)

Yusuke-san was originally based in Osaka, then came to Tokyo 11 years ago. However, he decided to move back to Osaka next spring. Chie-san suggested to have this gig at SOMETIME in order to appeal his move to the greatest customers here before his leave.

That is why there was a consistent full power at his play! Other members had a support of profound tenderness. In addition, comfortable MAGMA, there was as well.

Yusuke-san’s tenderness came out at his original tune, “MALU”. It is dedicated to his daughter, MALU-san. Oh, it is like “WALTZ FOR DEBBY!!”

千北祐輔トリオ(Yusuke Chigita Trio) malu ~for my daughter~

Maybe it is the special power of “SOMETIME”, or Chie Nishimura-san that all the audiences could have the sense of unity with the greatest musicians during their gig.

Oh yes, we got another wonderful present that their gig will be held again on Mar.25,2024, just before Yusuke-san’s leave. Why not we join again.

SOMETIME, booking tel.number: 0422-21-6336