Carla Bley is one of the highly distinctive composer/ pianist who is loved by so many Japanese musicians as well.

Just for example;

– Takeshi Shibuya

He is an expert musician of long carrier. However, I was surprised to see his album titled “I LOVE CARLA BLEY” Oh my god !!

Actually one of his unit, “Takeshi Shibuya Orchestra”, he used to play some of Carla Bley’s tune like, Utviklingssang, Soon, I will Be Done With This Trouble, and so on.

According to him, Carla Bley is similar to his character, BEING NATURAL. Always can be relaxed with suitable tension.

-Chie Nishimura

She is a authentic jazz vocalist. However, after collaboration with Ryoji Orihara (fretless bass), she had a extremely challenging unit, VIRTUAL SILENCE (all with voice without lyrics). Its motivation was, “wanted to play “Utviklingssang”. It was performed on her live concert, but unfortunately not yet on CD of Virtual Silence. However we can enjoy it on CD,”SEVENTH SENSE” and some of YouTube.

-Mikiko Nagatake

She is one of the busiest pianist playing at jazz club in Tokyo and surrounding area almost every night. She said she has been loving Carla Bley and when she was university student, she sometimes visited Jazz Cafe, NUTTY, near the university requesting to play Carla Bley.

I had some communication with owner of NUTTY, after that he played for me sometimes, “SOCIAL STUDIES”.

-Akira Ishii

He is also an expert pianist who has long carrier with top musicians in Japan.

He had released Duo album with Steve Swallow, “That Early September”. Recording was at Manhattan, New York, and Ishii proposed to Steve to stay at the hotel at end of recording, however, Steve rejected his proposal because he wanted to be back to Carla Bley immediately !! It is a lovely episode. We will see the similar intimacy on some of videos.