Those people who got certainly old might have an experience to feel frustration at time of success for which being proud of them in their carrier. If he works for organization, he should have time to retire. Even not for organization, maybe not so different.

“I want to retire after enough succession of this experience and that one”….., it is not allowed. Oh it is frustration !

Furthermore, as for jazz cafe, there is fundamental difficulties that its peak was 60s and 70s, which means the first generation of owners are sooner or later in time to retire. This is the most serious issue.

There was a high prestigious jazz cafe in TAKADANOBABA(高田馬場) named “MILESTONE”, which was closed on 31st July 2019, missed by many of jazz cafe lovers.

He wanted to succeed it, however, finally it is said that he preferred to close it rather than unwilling success to see much changed character, much changed atmosphere.

I was much shocked to know his such intention rather than close itself.

I think more than million people have similar dilemma, maybe just now or tomorrow.

Question is how MILES DAVIS looked like when to see its photo still there.

For me, both owner of MILESTONE and MILES DAVIS are calling “Welcome in !!”

-this is re-write on previous post in English-