Again, it will come shortly, 311, which is the 10th.

There are so many artists who performed their warm heart to mourn in their play. Bob James is one of the remarkable artists. He showed them mainly at TOKYO JAZZ.

He had played at TOKYO JAZZ 6 times. Remarkable ones are in 2012, 2013 and 2015 in blue.

2007= Bob James (p) Sextet with Dave McMurray (sax), Rob Swift (dj), Perry Hughes (g), Al Turner (b) and Ron Otis (ds)

2008=FOURPLAY with Bob James (p), Nathan East (b), Larry Carlton (g) and Harvey Masen (ds), and jam session

2009= FOURPLAY with Bob James (p), Nathan East (b), Larry Carlton (g) and Harvey Mason (ds)

2012= Bob James (p) Quintet with Steve Gadd (ds), Will Lee (b), Dave McMurray (sax) and Perry Hughes (g) very special guest Seiko Matsuda

2013(day session) = Bob James (p) Quartet with David Sanborn (sax), Steve Gadd (ds) and James Genus (b)

2013(night session) = Special session with Bob James (p), David Sanborn, Steve Gadd, James Genus (b), Larry Carlton (g) Makoto Ozone (p) and special guest, Hilarey James (vo)

2015(day special)= Bob James with Tokyo Phil., Steve Gadd (ds), (b) and special guest, Kazumi Watanabe (g)

2015( night session)= FOURPLAY with Bob James (p), Nathen East (b), Harvey Mason (ds) and Chuck Loeb (g)

After 311, he thought a lot what he could do. And one of his reply is ” PUT OUR HEARTS TOGETHER“. He made a tune, then later put vocal on it. In 2012, special vocalist, Seiko Matsuda has collaborated on vocal. In 2015, Hilarey James (his daughter ) has collaborated.

What a pity I lost the chance to see them both !!

Then, in 2015, there was another special. With Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and this is the second reply from him.

1st movement= OFUNATO (大船渡)(one of the major disaster place)

2nd movement= Aftermath

3rd movement= A New Dawn

What a pity I lost the chance to see it !!!!

Above is just a case, and in fact there are several reply from hi, which will be introduced later !!

Bob James & David Sanborn with Steve Gadd & James Genus – Tokyo Jazz Festival 2013

Thank you very much, Bob James !!