Never forget 311, Never forget!!

Never forget 311, Never forget !!

It is 10th 311, today.

It should not be forgot in the world, however, such kind of memories are, in general, easy to be fade out slightly and slightly.

Therefore, we need clear and strong message to be reminded from time to time.

NEVER FORGET 311 / Terumasa Hino(日野皓正)

YES, there are so many performance/ message to mourn 311. However, as far as I know, this is the most straight and strong. Please listen.

On March 11, 2011, at 14:46, I was staying at office building in Tokyo. Of course big shake, for the first time in my life. However, our office building is strong enough. Slight problem. Difficulties were on the way back to home. 3-4 hours walking because all transportation was stopped. So many people were waking in the several direction. Many of them were wearing helmet. All of them looked tired, and worried what to do from tomorrow. Or just want to see safe face of family.

Sorry, this is the case in Tokyo…..

I went to China in Oct.2011 for business stay for four years. Then, came back to Japan in Nov.2015. On Dec. 27, there was a concert of 50 years anniversary of Shinjuku Pit Inn at Shinjuku Bunka Center, to see Terumasa Hino.

It was almost shocking for me to face Hino’s high note of trumpet, and shout, “NEVER FORGET 311, NEVER FORGET. So many times since then, I listen to Hino’s this tune in order not to forget 311.

On the other hand, many times I talk to myself, what is my 311 ?? Which should not be forgot as well, which should be overcome by myself ??.

Terumasa Hino always gives me such a power to overcome.