It was just one year ago on Aug.08, 2020, a splendid new jazz club was born in Ikizaka, close to Tokyo Dome. It is named IKIZAKA BON COURAGE.(壱岐坂ボンクラージュ)

One year ago was already in heavy difficulties by COVID 19, we fully remember, to lose seriously chance to perform at jazz club by musicians. Many charitable person tried to protect musicians to get help from governments, however, failed. Then, Mr. Hideo Fujii, owner of Ikizaka Bon Courage decided to operate jazz club by himself to reserve the place as much as possible. This is the story of “A JAZZ CLUB IS BORN”.

Even though I myself got not so many chances to be seated there, however, as far as checking the schedule, it is easily to imagine how fine all the gigs there !!

Time runs so quick anywhere, and one year has passed.

We got news some time ago about ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE PERFORMANCE.

Of course I have been expecting so much on the day until yesterday…..

Oh, what a pity……….

It was announced cancellation of the special anniversary performances.

No way, due to COVID19. Anybody feel very seriously about it.

However, on the other hand we can feel as well how it was shocked to Mr. Fujii…..

OK. It was not closed. Just to be postponed.

Even though not through the chance to see so may great musicians to join together, still we have chances to see them individually. Let’s keep supporting !!

The great musicians planned to perform on Aug.8, 2021., in 4 groups.


Hiroshi Yoshino (b), EichiHayashi (as), Nobumasa Tanaka (p), Ko Omura (ds)


Michiyo Matsushita (p), Sei Kudo (b), Ryo Saito (ds), Keiji Matsushima (tp)


Mikiko Nagatake (p), Toru Nishijima (b), Ko Omura (ds)


Yoshio Suzuki (b), Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (p), Yoichi Okabe (perc)

永武幹子(p)トリオ ファーストアルバム『Into the Forest』■2021年3月10日発売■ PV「Grotta Azzurra (グロッタ・アズーラ)」