Yosuke Yamashita is a Japanese Jazz musician who innovated Japanese Free Jazz Category world. It is very popular in worldwide since his group started “regular Europe tour!” from 1974.

However, he has an another face (actually he has many faces). I am afraid such another face is not so familiar in worldwide, because there is language barrier. (日本語)


One rainbow (probably main)= music.

Another rainbow = essay and internal carnival play. (like a friendship with very famous comedian, TAMORI タモリ)

To be frank, when I was around 20 years old, when I got interest of jazz widely, YOSUKE YAMASHITA was already one of the great musicians. I thought I needed to listen. However, at that time his music was so sharp and concentrated. Not so easy to be familiar. On the other hand, already he was very famous with several essays (Laugh twice at a pianist ピアニストを二度笑え, etc… too many). Those were very fantastic and funny !! It was quite surprising.

Probably it is one of a destiny for artists who needs unbelievable concentration. (Too many artists were finally in great trouble due to drugs and alcohol… oh my god!!) It was fortunate that YOSUKE YAMASHITA had another great talent in writing funny stories as essay, and great talent in playing internally like as carnival. We, never being artists, also need to learn how to survive in the long life!

For his main rainbow, especially after matured in his carriers, he developed his music range in rather soft music and in classic music. They are also his music.

Captioned is a DVD for his trio group for 40 years anniversary reunion live in 2009. At Hibiya open-air-concert hall. It was in compact coverage with his trio 40 years carrier. Fortunately I could be there. It was in June. There was sudden short shower. It was OK in hot summer. Then quickly it had gone away. Then there came bright “DOUBLE RAINBOW” !!, which celebrates his great success both in music world and entertaining world, looked for me.

Telling about myself, at that time I got not so convenient time of some physical problem. However, it had just gone away. Then, maybe, DOUBLE RAINBOW came to me as well !!!

It was a personal memory of YOSUKE YAMASHITA. Thank you very much.

Yosuke Yamashita Trio (山下洋輔トリオ) – Montreux Afterglow